• Addressing Immediate Needs:  ACN (formerly Orphan Care Ethiopia) is implementing volunteer-based programs in Ethiopia to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of vulnerable children living in orphanages, on the street, and in the community.  These programs include tutoring, mentoring, medical care, transition services, support for children with special needs, infrastructure work, pen pals, training, and caregiver support.
  • Sustainability and Empowerment: ACN provides a "local" solution to the orphan crisis in Ethiopia.  We believe the orphan crisis is best addressed by those who live in the community, know the community’s assets and needs, and have a passion for seeing the lives of vulnerable children transformed through holistic solutions.  ACN is mobilizing and equipping individuals and organizations in Ethiopia through training, financial support, and other resources to increase their effectiveness in addressing the needs of vulnerable children.  
  • Cost: ACN is a volunteer-driven organization.  Nearly 300 volunteers from diverse backgrounds devote their time and resources to serve with ACN in the United States and Ethiopia.  These individuals volunteer because they are committed to the vision and mission of ACN and believe your contributions should go toward supporting ACN’s work in Ethiopia.  The only paid staff are ACN's two full-time co-directors and one part-time coordinator who reside in Ethiopia.  
  • Structure: Given ACN’s commitment to find a local solution, ACN has teams based in the United States and Ethiopia (ACN-DC and ACN-E, respectively).  Each ACN-E volunteer position has an ACN-DC counterpart.  The ACN-E volunteers are primarily responsible for implementing ACN’s work on the ground.  The ACN-DC volunteers are tasked with coming alongside the ACN-E volunteers to provide encouragement, support, and accountability. 
  • Accountability: ACN is governed by a volunteer board of directors that provides oversight and ensures that ACN has the resources necessary to accomplish its mission.  
  • Leverage: ACN has developed relationships with numerous individuals, organizations, and government officials who support the orphan care movement.  ACN seeks to connect and support these stakeholders so that they can use their circles of influence to improve the lives of the entire spectrum of vulnerable children  (e.g., in orphanages, living on the street, living in the community with families in poverty).