7 Strategic programs in partnership with Ethiopian communities

1. In Country Adoption:

ACN supports in-country adoptions, assisting Ethiopian families to care for orphans.

2. Medical Clinic:

ACN is building a medical clinic to provide quality healthcare with Ethiopian doctors for children in orphanages and in the local community.

3. After-School Program:

ACN’s after-school program provides tutoring and nutritious food to elementary-age children from orphanages and local communities through trained volunteers.

4. Career Development:

ACN’s Career Development and Internship Program targets institutionalized youth ages 16-18, pairing them with business owners for on-the-job training and mentoring

5. Transition Home for Girls:

ACN plans to build a transition home for girls who age out of orphanages at 18. Instead of going to the streets, the girls will have a place to live and finish their education, have an opportunity to join the job training program, and become part of a local community.

6. Special Needs Program:

The ACN Special Needs program is focused on providing a dedicated care center for special needs children. The volunteers at this care center will also have the necessary skill set to work with special needs children.

7. Child Development Program:

The ACN Child Development Program will create child care centers around the city, so that homeless mothers will have a safe place to drop off their children while they look for work.