Pictures and Videos

Photos of the volunteers and children in the orphanages in Ethiopia.

Christmas Gala at the Ethiopian Embassy 2023. More photos from event are here

Christmas Gala at the Ethiopian Embassy December 2022. Photos from the event are here

Watch the recent interview of Naomi Haile, ACN founder and executive director, making a call for action with other NGOs, local volunteers and the Ethiopian government.

Watch this video to hear about the story of Muluken, a mentee in the ACN Internship program who has experienced what a helping hand and open heart can accomplish in the life of a teen.

Watch the premiere of THE OTHER SIDE, a short film inspired by the life of an Ethiopian orphan. Also, take a look at the corresponding companion guide.

Watch an interview on the Helen Show discussing The Other Side short film.

Watch an interview of Naomi Haile on the Helen Show.