What is Alliance Care Now?

ACN (formerly Orphan Care Ethiopia) is a philanthropic, not-for-profit organization with ONE Mission - To improve the lives of orphans in Ethiopia through advocacy, education, and the financial support of agencies and individuals fighting the orphan crisis on the ground.  An estimated range of 5 million children live on the streets, in various government and private orphanages or are trapped in trafficking and child labor.

Why the Crisis?

 Due to poverty, HIV, chronic illness and/or lack of women empowerment programs, there are 5 million vulnerable children ranging from infant to 18 years of age.


International adoption was a partial remedy for years, but the Ethiopian Parliament recently banned such adoptions. This caused hundreds of private orphanages to have to close their doors due to a lack of funding. The children in these private orphanages were turned onto the streets or placed in government orphanages which were already at maximum capacity creating environments that struggled to provide basic and emotional needs.

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